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Whiteley Homes Trust entrance

Whiteley Homes Trust

Whiteley Homes Trust

Published: February 27, 2018

Established as a charity in 1917, through a bequest of William Whiteley, Whiteley Homes Trust provides accommodation and care for 500 pensioners of limited financial means in a dedicated community setting.  Complete with village shop, post office, library, village hall, café, church, meeting room for other faiths, they aspire to be the best place to age in Britain.

With a £8,000,000 loan from Unity Trust Bank, alongside funding from other providers, Whiteley will be opening a new Care Hub in Spring 2019, as well as refurbishing Whiteley House to provide state of art facilities for residents.

The new Care Hub is integral to their collaborative approach to care, which recognises the importance of social connections and a shared responsibility for health.

Chandra McGowan, Chief Executive, explains: “The funding from Unity Trust Bank, in partnership with Triodos Bank, has been achieved thanks to the lenders’ shared understanding and support for the uniqueness of our mission to maximise quality of life for older people. This funding enables a new era of community focused facilities from which we can deploy up-to-date clinical care, fully integrated with enhanced home support, improving the quality of life for residents today and in the future.”