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PSD2 strong customer authentication FAQs

Keeping your online payments safe

Unity Trust Bank uses Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to increase the security of online payments. This means that certain activity on Internet Banking requires a second factor of authentication to confirm your identity.

This extra level of protection was introduced by banks and online payment providers as part of regulations introduced to help fight fraud. It’s a key element of the EU Payments Services Directive (PSD2), which took effect in January 2018.

We’ll continue to let you know when improvements are released, by email and on our Internet Banking message board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in and passwords

  • When can I log in after resetting my password?

    When resetting your password, please wait for the full 5 minutes as advised before logging in again. If you attempt to login too soon, your password may not be accepted. If you try to log in multiple times, then you may be blocked, and you will have to give us a call to get your access unblocked.

  • Why won’t my temporary password work?

    If you receive a new temporary password, you will need to key this in the using upper case characters as instructed. When you then set up a new password, this will be case sensitive, so please ensure that you are not entering this new password using all upper-case characters.

  • I’ve received an error code, what should I do?

    If you receive an error code and need to call us, please make a note of the error code – this will help us to resolve your query more quickly.

  • Can my colleagues use my login details?

    For security reasons, it is very important that you do not use any other logins except your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are any guides available?

    Yes, you can view our SCA tutorials here.

  • What actions will be affected?

    There are additional actions within Internet Banking that will require SCA, these include:

    – Accessing transactions and statements over 3 months old;
    – logging in every 3 months; and
    – making changes to your beneficiaries payment details, e.g. changing the destination account number or sort code.

    You will be automatically advised if your activity requires secondary authentication.

  • Who will be contacted?

    Only the individual submitting the payment will be called and they will be contacted on the number(s) they have registered with Unity.

    They will be informed at the point of making the payment that additional security is required before the payment can be made, so they will need to have access to their phone before starting their online banking activities.

  • Should I do anything differently when using Internet Banking?

    No. The system will automatically escalate any activity that requires a second factor of authentication. Just follow the instructions on screen and ensure you have your registered phone with you if you want to make urgent transactions.

  • Does SCA affect my user privileges?

    No, this will not change any of your existing access levels and permissions as an Internet Banking user


Other Questions

  • How will I perform SCA if I have accessibility needs?

    We’re committed to making the information and resources that we provide online, accessible to all users.

    Customers who are deaf, hearing impaired or have difficulty responding to the automated SCA phone call can use SMS authentication. Users can receive a text message containing a unique code to enter on their Internet Banking screen to complete SCA.

    If you would like to register for this service or if you have specific requirements, please email us at or call us on 0345 140 1000.

  • How do I make payments without SCA?

    All transactions that qualify for SCA will require additional authentication to submit. We’ll tell you at the time of making the payment if you need to submit a second factor.

  • Can I opt out?

    No, this is a regulatory change introduced across the banking sector to improve the security of your online payments.

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