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new features of Unity's online banking services

Online Banking
service features

Online Banking features by category

We’re pleased to share the range of features your Online Banking service includes, enabling you to do more with your account.

The features are organised by category below. Just click the arrow to expand each section.

  • Navigation / look and feel
    • See all of your accounts on one screen
    • View your future dated payments
    • Option to view your most recent transactions or statements
    • View transactions awaiting authorisation
    • Easy login experience
    • Search for a specific statement
    • Search your beneficiaries list
    • Search and filter within your accounts
    • Clear layout of accounts
    • Download transaction information/data
    • View your beneficiary payments history
    • Easy download of your transaction list
    • View all Direct Debit and access additional information
    • View all standing orders and access additional information
  • Managing your account
    • Amend Standing Orders
    • Ability to authorise or reject one or more transactions
    • Ability to cancel Direct Debits and Standing Orders
    • Change password and PIN within Online Banking
    • Create Standing Order
    • Reset password (action reset)
    • Cancel future dated payments
    • Reset PIN
    • Pay new and existing beneficiary
    • Request password reset
    • Update or delete beneficiary
    • View and send secure messages
    • Download statement
    • Make internal transfers between own accounts
    • View transaction approval details
  • Security
    • Enhanced authentication
    • Self-serve access support
    • Secure and simple log in process
  • Features
    • Upload file to make multiple Faster Payments at the same time
    • Change user and organisation limits
    • Transaction search
    • Help and support/FAQs
  • Accessibility
    • Accessible colour palette
    • Responsive design which adapts to device (e.g. resizes across phones, tablets and desktop screens)
    • Supports browser features such as Zoom
    • Supports keyboard-only usability
    • Compatible with assistive technology (e.g. screen readers)

Got a question?

We’ve compiled some FAQs to answer the most common questions about our
Online Banking service and how it works.